Program Details

Welcome to Velocity Sports! This overview was created to ensure you are well-informed and ready to jump into our exciting sports program!

Velocity Sports is dedicated to helping young players grow in the sport of volleyball. We provide players with a positive and challenging learning environment that fosters growth on and off the court by using our mutual passion of volleyball as a segue to help reach their full athletic and personal potential.


  • $200 for our U12 Division
  • $330 for our U15 & U18 divisions.

*please visit Division page(s) for further registration details

We have 4 Seasons per year. Each season is 7 weeks The top teams will play have a game in the 7th week and play for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards.

Season rosters and Game Schedules are released through our Mobile App. We ask at least one parent download the app as it is not the coach’s responsibility to notify the team each week.

Practices generally being 2-3 weeks prior to games starting. Practices are generally 1-2 times per week. Velocity Sports’ minimum requirement is at least 2 hours of practice a week. (Most teams have 2 practices a week for 1.5-2 hours each)

Your coach determines the practice days, times, and locations. The league does not provide practice facilities. Most teams practice at city parks, community parks, etc. and each team coach selects their preferred location. NOTE* Some players may have to travel farther if they elect to join a certain team as they advance in our league.

All games are played on Saturdays and are at played at local school gym facilities that we rent.

Our coaches are volunteer parents. We feel that paid coaches are paid to create results (wins) in this style of coaching, most times the more advanced players are the ones who receive the most attention and specific methods are used to create wins. As this is not uncommon in sports as all, we want to make sure the focus is not just on wins, but the development of individual players and a team(s) as a whole. We feel that the combination of having volunteer parent coaches and club level associates to help is the perfect combination for our players to grow.

Each coach will have authority to run their team as they wish within the parameters set by Velocity Sports. We want each team to have its’ own personality & culture so players can find a team (a family) they enjoy playing and growing with.

Coaches have the authority to set their own minimum expectations for their team. Some teams may have different goals than others. If a player wishes to be part of that team, they will be expected to meet the coach’s minimum expectations. If these expectations are not being met, a player may be benched from practice and/or games for such things as: not being properly dressed out, not participating (following instructions/directions) or having poor sportsmanship. Coaches will communicate with a player as needed if there is a concern. We ask all parents to understand and respect a coach’s decisions as play time is earned by self-accountably, participation, effort, & sportsmanship.

By participating in this league, you agree to have a positive and fun competitive attitude with the players, coaches, opponents, and referees.

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