Male 16-18yr

Welcome to our U18 Male division! This is a new division as many young men aged out of other leagues at 14 and had nowhere to go! We are excited to give them a place to do what they love and help us grow it into something great!

Registration cost for this division is $330.00 which is collected after tryouts and before being placed on a team. Please see Program Details for further info regarding what registration cost cover.

TRYOUTS: Previous playing experience is required as we do not coach basic fundamentals at this age.

Serving: Overhand is not required but will be asked to show us both underhand and overhand serving capabilities.

Form: Player form will be evaluated while playing in a scrimmage game and drills.

Athleticism: All players must show their drive and desire to hustle on the court as we expect all players to move on the court during all practices and games.

Being coachable: All players will be evaluated on their ability to follow instructions/directions by coaches during tryouts.


  • A team needs 5 players to avoid a forfeit.
  • The match is over once a team wins two sets.
  • Players rotate is position based and traditional subbing in and out is used.
  • A player may serve no more than 5 times in a row. Team will rotate and new server will serve.
  • Net violations are called.
    Sets 1 & 2 are played to 25 points (straight up).  Set 3, if necessary, is played to 15 points (win by 2)
  • No attacking serves.  A serve may be immediately returned over the net as long as the returner’s feet are on the ground.
  • During your teams play, if the ball hits the ceiling and returns to your end of the court, the ball is still in play. If it lands on the opposing team’s side, the ball is ruled out and the opposing team is awarded a point.

Ages 16-18 years old Male Volleyball Division in the East Valley.