COED 10-12yr

Welcome to our U12 CO-ED division! This age bracket is so much fun as the kids still have extra energy, and we help them burn it! It is also a perfect age to begin teaching them how to set goals and walking them through the steps to achieve them. As players in this division progress in their skills and turn 12, they are eligible to attend the tryouts between seasons and if qualified can advance to our U15 Division.

Limited Spots Available!

Registration cost: $200 per playerRegistration Includes Team Shirt (Displays team name on it), Team Name Sticker and Team Photo.

U12 is a tryout division, Our U12 division mainly consist of 10 & 11 year olds but we do have some 12 year olds from time to time that are still beginners and don’t qualify for our U15 division quite yet. This division is designed as a true developmental program to prepare the players to try out for our U15. We expect those trying out for this program to be able to underhand serve a standard regulation ball from the 30 ft line, Understand the basics of Volleyball. Have a basic form and move on the court while ball is in play.

Season: A season is 7 weeks long. 1 practice per week. (Some coaches might elect to have a second practice) Games & clinics are on Saturday mornings.

Week 1 – Game 1
Week 2 – *Clinic
Week 3 – Game 2
Week 4 – *Clinic
Week 5 – Game 3
Week 6 – *Clinic
Week 7 – Game 4 (Finals)

*Clinics will take place instead of game for 45 min with a club level associate(s) on the game court. In addition, each team will receive 1 visit at practice prior to season starting from a club level associate to help run first fundamental drills with team coach.

TRYOUTS: We do recommend that players trying out for this division have previous experience and knowledge of basic fundamentals.

Serving: Overhand serving is not asked at this age or looked at in tryouts. Players will display their underhand serving capability from 30ft line.

Athleticism: All players must show their drive and desire to hustle on the court as we expect them to move on the court during all practices and games.

Being coachable: All players will be evaluated on their ability to follow instructions/directions by coaches during tryouts.


  • A team needs 5 players to avoid a forfeit.
  • The match is over when once a team wins two sets
  • Serves must be made behind the 30 ft serving line.
  • Players rotate in and out on each change-of-possession that team scores, except for the first serve on the first match.
  • Players must start in the same position on the second and third sets that they ended in on the set before. The rotation may not switch between sets.
  • If a player serves 5 times in a row. Team will rotate and new server will serve.
  • Net violations are not called.
  • Sets 1 & 2 are played to 25 points.  Set 3, if necessary, is played to 15 points. (Win by 2)
  • During your teams play, if the ball hits the ceiling and returns to your end of the court, the ball is still in play. If it lands on the opposing team’s side, the ball is ruled out and the opposing team is awarded a point.

Ages 10-12 years old COED Volleyball Division in the East Valley.