Club/Tournament Teams

Welcome to our Club/Tournament Division! For those participating in our U15 division, they will have an opportunity to tryout to become a Velocity ALLSTAR during the season. As we are newly certificated as a club, we are still building the foundation and have many exciting avenues we want to pursue as we begin to put together the right girls to represent velocity.

TRYOUTS: Each player in our U15 division has the opportunity to try out for a club/tournament team.

Serving: Overhand serving IS required.

Form: Player form will be evaluated while playing in a scrimmage game and drills.

Athleticism: All players must show their drive and desire to hustle on the court as we expect all players to move on the court during all practices and games.

Being coachable: All players will be evaluated on their ability to follow instructions/directions by coaches during tryouts.


  • Cost of Tournaments, Jerseys, etc. are in addition to the $300 7 season clinic cost.
  • Players that qualify to represent Velocity and become a Velocity ALLSTAR do not automatically qualify for play time at any specific event. As the team prepares for the club season (games, tournaments, etc.) Those that work harder will earn play time.
  • Different Teams may participate in different club level leagues, tournaments etc. based on the team, their athleticism, drive and skill level.
  • Currently we are focused on local club and tournaments, NO out of state travel but there may be some extended distances for games such as West valley, etc.
  • Attendance is evaluated. Lack of attendance can disqualify you from team membership.

For more information, please give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you have!

Club/Tournament Teams Volleyball in the East Valley.