Beginner Program

Welcome to our Fundamental Footprint Program!

Fundamental Footprint Program

Registration cost: $125 per player 

Velocity Sports is dedicated to helping those new to volleyball that want to learn from the ground up. 

Our “FOOTPRINT” program is the perfect program for them. We help new players develop the needed fundamentals of volleyball, starting with their footwork and working our way up to form, passing, serving and most importantly, learning the mechanics of the game of volleyball (example: teaching our players the roles of each position on the court, the difference between defensive and offensive moves, and proper communication on the court.)

The program is run by our club associates who are active players still themselves. Your player will meet with our associates every Saturday from 8:45 – 10. Over the course of 7 weeks season. 

Our “FOOTPRINT” program has 2 levels.

LEVEL 1: Completely new to volleyball! 

LEVEL 2: A continuance for those that have completed the LEVEL 1 program the prior season and/or those that have some basic understanding of volleyball by way of playing in a rec league for a season or two but feel they are not growing and want to be in a developmental program. 

Age brackets range from 9-12. 

Footprint program is a Co-Ed program. 

For more info please call our office and we would be happy to answer any questions to help determine what program is best for your player.


  • A team needs 5 players to avoid a forfeit.
  • The match is over when once a team wins two sets
  • Serves must be made behind the 20 ft serving line.
  • Players rotate in and out on each change-of-possession that team scores, except for the first serve on the first match.
  • Players must start in the same position on the second and third sets that they ended in on the set before. The rotation may not switch between sets.
  • If a player serves 5 times in a row. Team will rotate and new server will serve.
  • Net violations are not called.
  • Sets 1 & 2 are played to 25 points.  Set 3, if necessary, is played to 15 points. (Win by 2)
  • During your teams play, if the ball hits the ceiling and returns to your end of the court, the ball is still in play. If it lands on the opposing team’s side, the ball is ruled out and the opposing team is awarded a point.

Ages 9-12 years old COED Beginner Volleyball Division in the East Valley.