Youth Volleyball in the East Valley


Late registration available thru Sept 23rd while we fill the last few spots on one final team

Who is Velocity Sports

ve·loc·i·ty: rapidity of motion; swiftness; speed toward your goal!

Velocity sports league fills the void between a traditional rec league and club volleyball. It is a fun and competitive league where individuals wanting to be part of a more competitive environment can play with others with the same desire to learn and grow.

Volleyball Team in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, and SanTan Valley AZ

Our Mission Statement

Velocity sports is dedicated to helping young players grow and excel in the sport of volleyball. We provide players with a positive and challenging learning environment that fosters growth on and off the court by using our mutual passion of volleyball as a segue to help our youth reach their full athletic and personal potential.

Volleyball Team in Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Queen Creek, and SanTan Valley AZ

Why Velocity?

Velocity Sports is adamant about providing kids with a DIFFERENT experience while playing with us.

We promote self-accountability and personal responsibilities like grades and chores at home. We remind our players that as they have an accountability to their team with us, that starts with taking care of their responsibilities at home! Velocity Sports coaches and staff strive to make personal connections with our athletes and parents by promoting team-building events (during and between seasons).

Another way we set ourselves apart from other leagues is by offering players the option of being on a faith-based team if available (LDS, Non-Denominational, Catholic) when registering. We want each team to feel like a family and have the opportunity to enjoy more than just the game.

What team would you like to be on?